Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

One of the most disliked household activities is cleaning gutters. However, you cannot avoid this exercise at all cost. If you truly love your house and would like to protect it from damage, gutter cleaning will become a ritual and you will have to perform it at least two times a year. If you don’t feel like you can handle this task or are afraid of height, you can go for data cleaning services. The good thing is that these companies charge a reasonable cost for the service that they render.  Nonetheless, cleaning of gutters is not a complex exercise as long as you have the right skills and equipment to handle the task. You can handle the task easily and save some money. However, it’s good to employ Norman Roofers & Siding Repair Services for gutter cleaning as they will deliver exemplary results.


Why Gutter Cleaning

Not cleaning your gutters can come with several side effects. Clogged gutters can mess up the water drainage system and bring havoc in several ways. They may even leak inside the building, ruin the outlook, damage the roof, or seep to the basement. The gutters may alternatively feel up with leaves, grit, and debris or create an ice dam on top of your roof. No one will want to have such a situation in his house as it will attract unwelcome guests like bugs and mosquitoes.


The Cleaning Gear

If you have decided to clean your gutters by yourself, make sure you have the appropriate gear. You will need a trowel for scooping up the leaves, moss, and a bucket to carry the leaves. You will also need a ladder to get to the gutters. Make sure the gutter is stable and you place it on the ground well. Heights tend to be dangerous and hence you need to wear a safety harness for attaching on the roof when cleaning the gutters. Lastly, wear gloves as you clean the gutters so that you don’t contact any allergies or infections when your hands come into contact with any debris or insects in the gutters. Professionals have more specialized equipment that can suck the debris without having to climb on top of the roof. These experts also know the best cleaning detergents that will leave your roof sparkling clean.


Where to Start

You need to know your starting point and then figure out how you will continue until you clean the whole gutter. Some houses have an upper and lower set of gutters and you need to determine a route that will allow you to clean the gutters in an efficient way. The most important thing is to know how you will work through the data cleaning exercise. 

Dig Through: It is advisable to begin from a drain outlet and begin digging out the dirt at that point. Scoop all the debris that you collect in a bucket as you continue to move away from the drain’s outlet.

Clearing the Drain Pipes: Make sure that the drainpipes don’t have any blockage. If they are not clean, you can try blasting water through. If this does not work, you can use the plumbers’ rake to remove the clog from the drainpipes.

Blast Through: After removing the debris, use a high pressure nozzle in capping the water hose and wash away the gutters as you work towards the outlet of the drainage. Use a scrub brush to scrape off any dirt that sticks on the gutters.

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